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Oxballs Ringer 3-pack

Product: A111
Manufacturer: Oxballs

Price: £8.95

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Ringer is a thick jelly ring that bloats your meat and pushes your junk up n’ out for a heftier package. Each ring is tight enough for the perfect ... more info
Rock Rings Hellfire Cockring (2-pack)

Product: A333
Manufacturer: Rock Rings

Price: £7.95

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Become the god of Hellfire with these uniquely shaped cock rings that are extremely comfortable due to their seamless design. When worn at the base ... more info
Amsterdam Gold Aroma 25ml

Product: A911
Manufacturer: Amsterdam Gold

Price: £5.95

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Amsterdam Gold 25ml room aroma is for those of you looking to re-create the heat and excitement of Europe's favourite playground in your own home. ... more info
English Aroma 22ml

Product: A913
Manufacturer: English

Price: £5.95

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Fly the flag! The original and popular English aroma. Strength rating: Strong. Contains 22ml Isopropyl Nitrite.
Titus Extra Strong Aroma 10ml

Product: A914
Manufacturer: Titus

Price: £4.95

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Titus Extra Strong Aroma is the new name in extra strength. This aroma packs a major punch and is up there with the big boys! Strength rating: Extra ... more info
Xtreme 22ml

Product: A915
Manufacturer: Xtreme

Price: £5.95

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Take it to the Xtreme! The big boys Aroma in a big bottle. Strength rating: Xtremely Extra Strong. Contains Isopropyl Nitrite.
Xtreme Glow 22ml

Product: A916
Manufacturer: Xtreme

Price: £5.95

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Feel the glow with this Xtremely Strong aroma. The big boys Aroma in a big bottle. Strength rating: Xtremely Strong. Contains Isopropyl Nitrite.
Rush Aroma 10ml

Product: A917
Manufacturer: Rush

Price: £4.95

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Rush Liquid Aroma is now available. Watch out, they are VERY strong! High quality aroma in 10ml bottles with safety caps. Each contains 10ml ... more info
Ram Original 15ml

Product: A918
Manufacturer: Ram

Price: £4.95

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Get Rammed! Get a 15ml bottle of RAM Original Poppers! Intense, fast-acting, long-lasting aroma. Contains Isopropyl nitrite.
TNT Aroma 10ml

Product: A920
Manufacturer: TNT

Price: £4.95

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A well established and explosive reaction from this very popular room odouriser. Contains 10ml Isopropyl Nitrite.
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